Who is Ajike Owens’ shooter Susan Lorincz? Children and family

Who is Ajike Owens’ shooter Susan Lorincz? Children and family

Who is Susan Louise Lorincz, the Woman Who Allegedly Shot AJ Owens?

Susan Louise Lorincz has gained attention for allegedly shooting and killing AJ Owens in front of his children on June 2. AJ Owens, a resident of Ocala, Florida, and a mother of four, was shot through Lorincz’s closed door following an argument. The incident occurred between neighbors after Owens’ children were playing in the yard.

Identification and Arrest

Susan Louise Lorincz, a 58-year-old resident of Ocala, Florida, has been identified as the alleged shooter in the case of AJ Owens’ death. Initially, authorities did not release the identity of the suspected shooter, and Lorincz was not immediately arrested. However, the victim’s cousin, Jai Riggins, shared a video on TikTok, revealing the alleged shooter’s face and identity. This video gained significant attention and was shared on multiple platforms.

During a press conference, Pamela Dias, AJ Owens’ mother, also revealed Lorincz’s name. Family, friends, and residents of the Owens neighborhood exerted pressure on authorities to arrest Lorincz. Eventually, she was arrested and charged with manslaughter with a weapon, assault, culpable negligence, and two counts of assault.

AJ Owens’ Family and the Tragic Incident

AJ Owens was a loving mother to four children, whose names have not been released. Her family describes her as an incredible testament to all mothers. The incident occurred when the Owens children were playing in a yard near an apartment complex. Lorincz, who lived nearby, yelled at the children and used racial slurs while ordering them off her property.

As the children hurriedly left the area, they forgot to take their iPad, which Susan Louise Lorincz took. When AJ Owens’ son returned to retrieve it, Lorincz threw a skateboard at him. The boy informed his mother about the incident, and AJ Owens decided to confront Lorincz by knocking on her door.

Tragically, while AJ Owens was standing in front of Lorincz’s closed door, a bullet pierced through and struck her. Her son witnessed the horrifying event, and despite being rushed to the hospital, AJ Owens did not survive.

Susan Lorincz’s Charges

Although Susan Lorincz was not initially arrested following the incident, she was later taken into custody and charged. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office faced criticism for the delay in the arrest of the alleged shooter. A statement from the sheriff’s office revealed that Lorincz has been charged with manslaughter with a weapon. Additionally, she faces two counts of assault, battery, and culpable negligence.

Manslaughter with a firearm is a felony in Florida and can carry a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. As of now, it is unclear if Lorincz has legal representation to defend her against these charges.


The shooting of AJ Owens by Susan Louise Lorincz has shocked the community and garnered significant public attention. The incident, involving an argument between neighbors, resulted in the tragic loss of a beloved mother in front of her children. While Lorincz has been arrested and charged, the case is still unfolding, and legal proceedings will determine the outcome. The community seeks justice for AJ Owens and support for her grieving family during this difficult time.


Q: Were there any witnesses to the shooting?

A: The victim’s son witnessed the shooting as he stood outside the door.

Q: How has the community responded to the incident?

A: The community has expressed shock and outrage over the tragedy, demanding justice for AJ Owens.

Q: Has Susan Lorincz made any statements regarding the incident?

A: As of now, there is no information available about any statements made by Susan Lorincz.

Q: Will the court proceedings be public?

A: Court proceedings are generally public unless otherwise specified by the judge.

Q: How can the community support AJ Owens’ family during this difficult time?

A: Supporting the family through expressions of sympathy, attending memorial services, and offering assistance can help the family cope with their loss.

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