Troy Aikman apparently announces the end of his marriage in PDA photos with his new girlfriend

Troy Aikman apparently announces the end of his marriage in PDA photos with his new girlfriend

Troy Aikman Sparks Controversy with Steamy Photos

In a surprising turn of events, NFL legend Troy Aikman has recently caused a stir with a series of steamy photos featuring a much younger woman. The 56-year-old former Dallas Cowboys quarterback was tagged in several intimate pictures by Haley Clark, a 34-year-old sales executive from Dallas. The photos, which show the couple cozying up and engaging in affectionate gestures, have left many wondering about the status of Aikman’s marriage to Catherine ‘Capa’ Aikman.

A Noteworthy Vacation on the Italian Riviera

The controversial photos were taken during the couple’s vacation on the stunning Italian Riviera. Seen frolicking on a sun-drenched yacht and swimming off the luxurious Amalfi Coast, Troy Aikman and Haley Clark seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. Interestingly, Aikman’s current wife, Catherine, was also present on the trip. The situation has raised eyebrows since there has been no public announcement of a separation or divorce from Aikman or Capa.

Speculations Surrounding Aikman’s Marriage

While there is no official confirmation regarding the current status of Troy Aikman’s marriage, social media activity suggests that the couple may be living separate lives. Catherine still uses Aikman’s last name on her social media profiles, but her posts featuring him have become sporadic. The most recent photo of the couple together dates back to February 2020, where they were captured smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The last photo of Aikman with Capa is even older, from May 2019, during a safari in Africa.

A Closer Look at Haley Clark

Haley Clark, the woman seen in the steamy photos with Troy Aikman, is a 34-year-old sales executive based in Dallas. She graduated from Southern Methodist University, as indicated by her LinkedIn profile. Despite the significant age difference between Aikman and Clark, the two appear to be quite comfortable in each other’s company. Clark has even accompanied Aikman and his college-aged daughters on their European escapade, suggesting a developing relationship.

The Timeline of Aikman and Clark’s Relationship

It is unclear how long Troy Aikman and Haley Clark have been an item, as their public tagging of each other in photos is a recent development. Back in February, Clark posted a story on her Instagram profile featuring cutlery with the names ‘Troy’ and ‘Haley,’ hinting at their romantic involvement. While both Aikman and Clark have remained tight-lipped about their relationship, their actions on social media have caught the attention of many.

No Comment from Aikman and Clark

Despite the media frenzy surrounding the steamy photos and speculations about his marriage, Troy Aikman has not provided any comment on the matter. The same goes for Haley Clark. Both individuals have chosen to remain silent, leaving fans and critics to draw their own conclusions.

Aikman’s Previous Relationships

Troy Aikman was previously married to Rhonda Worthey, a former Cowboys publicist. The couple separated in 2011 and share two children together. Before his marriage to Worthey, Aikman was also romantically linked to famous actress Sandra Bullock. It seems that Aikman’s love life has always managed to attract attention.

Aikman’s Criticism of Bud Light’s Marketing Strategy

Aside from his personal life, Troy Aikman has recently made headlines for his criticism of Bud Light’s marketing strategy. As the owner of his own beer company, Aikman expressed his disapproval of Bud Light using a transgender influencer to promote their brand. He emphasized his commitment to creating a company dedicated to making exceptional light beers, free from distractions and gimmicks.


The recent controversy surrounding Troy Aikman’s steamy photos with Haley Clark has undoubtedly sparked curiosity and speculation among fans. While the status of Aikman’s marriage to Catherine ‘Capa’ Aikman remains unclear, the photos have raised questions about the couple’s relationship. With no official statements from Aikman or Clark, fans and critics can only wonder about the dynamics of this intriguing situation.


Q: Have Troy Aikman and Catherine ‘Capa’ Aikman publicly announced their separation or divorce?

A: There have been no public announcements regarding the current status of Troy Aikman’s marriage to Catherine ‘Capa’ Aikman.

Q: How long have Troy Aikman and Haley Clark been together?

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