The Sister of Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles

The Sister of Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles

Ashley Biles Thomas: A Closer Look

Ashley Biles Thomas, the sister of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, has a story that is just as intriguing as her sister’s rise to fame. In this article, we will delve into Ashley’s family background, her upbringing, her personal life, and much more. Let’s explore the life of Ashley Biles Thomas in detail.

Early Life and Adoption

Ashley Biles Thomas was born in 1990 in Columbus, Ohio. As of 2023, she is 53 years old. Ashley has five siblings, including her famous sister, Simone Biles. However, their childhood was far from typical.

Due to their mother’s struggle with addiction to alcohol and drugs, Ashley and her siblings were placed in foster care at a young age. Their mother had a history of repeated incarcerations, which made it impossible for her to care for her children adequately.

Fortunately, their maternal grandparents, Ronald and Nellie, stepped in to adopt them. In 2000, Simone and Adria were officially adopted by their grandparents, while Ashley and Tevin were adopted by their aunt, Harriet, in 2003.

Personal Details and Relationships

Ashley Biles Thomas follows Christianity and holds American citizenship. She is of partial Belizean ancestry. In terms of her sexual orientation, she identifies as straight.

Regarding her parents, Ashley’s biological father is Kelvin Clemons, and her mother is Shanon Biles. However, after their parents were unable to provide a stable home environment, Ashley and Tevin found a loving home with their aunt in Ohio.

Ashley has been relatively private about her personal life, including her relationships. She has not shared much information about her romantic partners. However, in 2016, her birth mother, Shanon, revealed that Ashley is the mother of a seven-year-old girl. Unfortunately, further details about the child’s father are not available.

Challenges and Legal Issues

Ashley’s life has not been without its share of struggles. Both she and her brother, Tevin, have had brushes with the law, leading to multiple instances of incarceration.

In mid-June 2021, Tevin, Ashley’s brother, was charged with the murder of three individuals during a New Year’s Eve party in 2018. However, due to insufficient evidence, the charges were eventually dropped.

These unfortunate incidents have led to negative attention and speculation surrounding Ashley and her family. In response to the rumors, Ashley took to Facebook to address the situation and highlight the strength of her family amidst adversity.

Ashley’s Journey and Current Status

Despite the challenges she has faced, Ashley Biles Thomas continues to navigate life, aiming to overcome her past and build a better future. Her personal journey has been vastly different from that of her sister Simone, who has achieved great success as an Olympic gymnast.

Ashley’s main source of income is unknown, as there is limited information available on her professional life. In the past, she has faced charges related to drug trafficking, but there was no evidence to support the claim that she was involved in selling drugs.

As of now, Ashley remains relatively private about her personal life on social media. She occasionally shares glimpses of her life and expresses admiration for her sister Simone, whom she refers to as the “real GOAT” (Greatest of All Time).


Ashley Biles Thomas has experienced a life filled with challenges, from a tumultuous childhood to legal issues. Despite these hardships, she continues to strive for a better future. While her journey may not mirror the success of her sister Simone, Ashley’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.


Q: How many siblings does Ashley Biles Thomas have?

A: Ashley has five siblings, including her sister Simone Biles.


Q: Who adopted Ashley Biles Thomas?

A: Ashley and her brother Tevin were adopted by their aunt, Harriet.


Q: What is Ashley Biles Thomas’ source of income?

A: Ashley’s main source of income is unknown. Limited information is available about her professional life.


Q: Does Ashley Biles Thomas have a criminal record?

A: Ashley has faced legal issues in the past, including charges related to drug trafficking. However, there was no evidence to support the claims against her.


Q: How does Ashley Biles Thomas feel about her sister Simone’s success?

A: On social media, Ashley has expressed admiration for her sister Simone, referring to her as the “real GOAT” (Greatest of All Time).


In conclusion, Ashley Biles Thomas has had a unique and challenging life. While her sister Simone Biles has achieved great success as an Olympic gymnast, Ashley has faced her share of obstacles. Despite her struggles, Ashley continues to navigate life, striving for a better future. Through it all, she remains a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

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