The Humble And Kind Wife Of Kevin Mccarthy!

The Humble And Kind Wife Of Kevin Mccarthy!

Who is Judy McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy’s Wife?

Judy McCarthy, formerly known as Judy Wages, is the wife of Kevin McCarthy, the 55th Speaker of the House of Representatives. Known for her humble and down-to-earth personality, Judy is highly regarded by her inner circle for her kindness and selflessness. In this post, we will take a closer look at Judy McCarthy and her life.

Early Life and Family

Judy McCarthy was born on December 6, 1964, to Harvey and Sharon Wages. She grew up in Bakersfield, California, along with her four siblings, including her brothers Harvey and William. Despite facing financial struggles, Judy’s family was tight-knit, and she credits her father Harvey as her inspiration. He worked at National Cement and epitomized hard work and dedication.

Meeting Kevin McCarthy

Kevin and Judy McCarthy’s story began in their high school days at Bakersfield High School. They first crossed paths in a biology class, where their connection began. At first, Judy had an admiration for one of Kevin’s friends, but it was Kevin’s unwavering spirit and efforts towards her that ultimately captured her heart. The two tied the knot in August 1992 and have been happily married ever since.

A Strong Bond

Throughout their marriage, Kevin McCarthy has faced allegations of an illegitimate affair with Renee Ellmers in 2015. However, Judy remained steadfastly by her husband’s side, displaying her unwavering devotion and commitment. Together, they have built a beautiful family, raising a son named Connor and a daughter named Meghan.

Family Milestones

Connor, their son, pursued his education at Georgetown University and is set to marry his wife, Emily Norris, in December 2020. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Kevin shared a professional video from his son’s wedding on Instagram. It is evident that family milestones hold a special place in the McCarthy household.

Challenges and Controversies

In 2018, Judy’s brother, William Wages, faced accusations of fabricating his family history to gain attention. This put Kevin and Judy McCarthy’s credibility into question. According to a Los Angeles Times investigation, William leveraged claims of Native American ancestry to secure nearly $7 million in federal contracts for their construction company, Vortex. While Judy was a partner in the company for many years, she eventually severed all ties. Despite allegations that Kevin McCarthy used his influence to benefit Vortex, no evidence was found to substantiate these claims. Kevin denied any knowledge of William’s ties to the Northern Cherokee Nation and maintained his innocence.

Judy’s Career and Involvement

Judy McCarthy became involved in the California Republican Party after marrying Kevin McCarthy. She now earns over $160,000 per year and has been named a trustee at Ford’s Theatre since 2014. Her curiosity and interest were piqued during a memorial at the site of former President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Judy wanted to ensure that his memory would continue to symbolize something significant.

In addition to her political engagements, Judy has dedicated herself to fundraising events, raising millions of dollars for various charitable causes. Her philanthropic efforts have made a significant impact and demonstrated her commitment to making a difference.


Judy McCarthy, the wife of Kevin McCarthy, is a remarkable individual in her own right. Her humble and kind personality, along with her dedication to her family and philanthropic work, has earned her admiration within her inner circle. Despite facing challenges and controversies, Judy remains a steadfast and supportive partner to Kevin McCarthy. Together, they have built a life centered around family, service, and making a positive impact in their community.


Q: Is Judy McCarthy involved in politics?

A: Yes, Judy McCarthy joined the California Republican Party after marrying Kevin McCarthy and has been actively engaged in political activities.

Q: Does Kevin McCarthy have any children?

A: Yes, Kevin and Judy McCarthy have a son named Connor and a daughter named Meghan.

Q: What is Judy McCarthy’s profession?

A: Judy McCarthy currently serves as a trustee at Ford’s Theatre and earns over $160,000 per year.

Q: Has Kevin McCarthy ever been involved in any controversies?

A: Kevin McCarthy faced allegations of an illegitimate affair in 2015, but these claims were refuted. He has maintained his innocence throughout.

Q: How does Judy McCarthy contribute to charitable causes?

A: Judy is highly involved in fundraising events and has raised millions of dollars for various charitable causes, demonstrating her commitment to making a difference.


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