Snow Lopes- Adopted daughter of Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison

Snow Lopes- Adopted daughter of Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison

Snow Lopes: The Legacy Lives On

Snow Lopes, the adopted daughter of the late American hip-hop singer, rapper, and producer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Andre Rison, is making her mark in the world. Born on August 28, 1993, in Georgia, United States, Snow was adopted by Lisa when she was just eight years old. Unfortunately, the identity of Snow’s biological parents remains unknown, but Lisa’s love and care for her are undeniable.

A Life of Charitable Work and Aspiring Talent

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Snow is passionate about social work and enjoys helping others. She is actively involved in the “charity of the Lisa Lopes Foundation,” keeping Lisa’s legacy alive through acts of kindness and philanthropy. In addition to her charitable endeavors, Snow is an aspiring singer and producer, following her mother’s footsteps in the music industry.

A Glimpse into Snow Lopes’ Personal Life

Here are some key details about Snow Lopes:

  • Full Name: Snow Lopes
  • Also Known As: Snow
  • Anniversary: August 28, 1993
  • Age: 29 years
  • Sun Sign: Virgo
  • Place of Birth: Georgia, United States
  • Currently Residing: Georgia, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Lisa Lopes, Andre Rison
  • Siblings: Jamal Lopes
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Education: Grand Canyon University
  • Occupation: Producer and businesswoman
  • Net Worth: $3.2 million
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram
  • Hair Color: Shiny black hair
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)

The Adoption Story

Snow Lopes’ adoption story is a testament to Lisa Lopes’ kind-heartedness and desire to make a positive impact on others’ lives. Lisa, who was struggling with drug addiction at the time, was sentenced to probation and therapy in a halfway house. It was there that she met Snow’s biological mother, who was also facing her own struggles.

Lisa and Snow’s biological mother became friends, and seeing the difficulties the mother was facing, Lisa made a selfless decision to adopt Snow and provide her with a loving and stable environment. Snow was just eight years old when Lisa officially became her mother. This act of kindness shows Lisa’s unwavering love and dedication to helping those in need.

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes: A Musical Icon

Before her untimely passing, Lisa Lopes made a significant impact on the music industry as a member of the iconic hip-hop group TLC. Born on May 27, 1971, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lisa was raised in a musical household. Alongside her brother Ronald and younger sister Reigndrop, Lisa performed gospel songs and showcased her talents in local churches.

In 1990, Lisa’s career took off when she joined TLC. The group achieved great success and recognition, and Lisa earned the nickname “Left Eye” after receiving a compliment about her beautiful left eye. Tragically, on April 25, 2002, Lisa Lopes passed away in a traffic accident while driving in La Ceiba, Honduras. Her funeral was held on May 2, 2002, in Lithonia, Georgia, and she was laid to rest at Hillandale Memorial Gardens.

Andre Rison: The Football Star

Andre Previn Rison, born in Flint, Michigan, in 1967, is a renowned American football player. He began his career in the National Football League (NFL) in 1989 and played for various teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, and Oakland Raiders. Throughout his career, Andre earned numerous accolades and championships, including the Gray Cup and the Bowl Cup.

A Turbulent Relationship

Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison had an on-and-off relationship that began in 1992. They first met at a nightclub in Atlanta and experienced the ups and downs that often come with relationships in the public eye. In 1994, their tumultuous relationship reached a breaking point when Lisa set fire to Andre’s shoes in a bathtub, unintentionally causing a house fire that destroyed their home.

As a result of the incident, Lisa was charged with arson and faced legal consequences. She surrendered to the police and later received probation, therapy, and a fine. Despite the challenges they faced, Lisa and Andre’s relationship continued to evolve over the years.

Following in Her Mother’s Footsteps

Snow Lopes draws inspiration from her mother, Lisa, and shares her passion for music. From a young age, Snow showed a keen interest in becoming a singer and hip-hop artist. She began writing her own songs and honing her skills, determined to carve her own path in the music industry.

As of 2022, Snow Lopes’ net worth is estimated to be $3.2 million, a testament to her budding success as a producer and businesswoman. She continues to pursue her musical aspirations and aims to make a name for herself in the industry.


Snow Lopes, the adopted daughter of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, has emerged as a multifaceted talent with a passion for music and a heart for social work. Following in her


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