Frankie Lons Daughter Elite Noel Age Gap And Parents

Frankie Lons Daughter Elite Noel Age Gap And Parents
**Elite Noel: The Last Daughter of Frankie Lons**
*Remembering Frankie Lons and Her Daughter Elite Noel*
Francine Lons, famously known as Frankie, was an American actress and television personality. She was born on July 18, 1960, in Oakland, California, United States. Frankie had three daughters, Keyshia Cole, Neffeteria Pugh, and Elite Noel. She gained recognition after appearing on the show called “Frankie and Neffe” in 2015, where her daughter Keyshia also participated. The show became a huge success, allowing Frankie to accumulate a significant amount of wealth. Tragically, Frankie Lons passed away on her birthday, July 18, 2021, reportedly due to an overdose at her party.
**Frankie Lons and Elite Noel: The Age Gap**
Elite Noel, the youngest daughter of Frankie Lons, is a multi-talented individual. She is an actress, singer, TV personality, lyricist, model, entrepreneur, rapper, and social media star from California, USA. Elite also owns a cosmetics brand called ‘Klub Kosmetics,’ which specializes in eye makeup products. The age difference between Frankie Lons and her youngest daughter is 25 years. Despite the age gap, Elite shared a deep bond with her mother, as evidenced by the heartfelt messages she frequently shares on Instagram. The love between them is evident in the pictures they took together.
**The Tragic Loss and Elite’s Grief**
During Frankie’s 61st birthday party, tragedy struck as she lost her life to a drug overdose. Elite Noel was devastated by her mother’s passing and expressed her pain through an Instagram story, sharing, “The most terrible agony ever… Seeing my mother in a body bag on her birthday! My heart broke so much.” Losing a mother is already incredibly difficult, but losing her in such a tragic way undoubtedly added to Elite’s sorrow. She often shares cherished memories of her mother on her Instagram timeline, showcasing the deep love she still holds for her. It is understandable that Elite misses her mother tremendously, as no bond can replace the one between a mother and her child.
**Elite Noel: A Special Relationship with Her Father**
Elite Noel, the talented actress and singer, is the youngest child of Francine Lons. Although information about her biological father is not available in the public domain, she was raised by Ellis Randolph, who also adopted her. Elite expressed her gratitude towards her father through her social media account, acknowledging his exceptional care for her. She shared her love for him and posted a heartfelt message on their Instagram account, showcasing the strong bond they share.
**The Impact of Ellis Randolph**
Ellis Randolph, who appeared on Neffeteria Pugh’s BET reality show “Frankie and Neffe” in 2009, took a significant role in Elite’s life. Pugh and Elite even went through a paternity test to determine if Randolph was Elite’s biological father. Unfortunately, the results showed that Randolph was not her father. Despite this, Elite held a deep love for Randolph, and his passing in 2020 on his birthday brought immense sadness to her. This demonstrates that a blood relation is not always necessary for a strong relationship. It is the one who shows up and loves us unconditionally that matters the most.
Elite Noel, the last daughter of Frankie Lons, shared a special bond with her mother, who tragically passed away on her birthday. Despite the age gap, Elite and Frankie had a close relationship, and Elite’s grief and love for her mother are evident through her social media posts. Elite also had a loving relationship with her father, Ellis Randolph, who played a significant role in her life, despite not being her biological father. The story of Frankie Lons and Elite Noel is a reminder that love and connections transcend blood relations, and the impact of those who show up for us should be cherished.
**1. Is Elite Noel famous for anything other than being Frankie Lons’ daughter?**
*Elite Noel is a multi-talented individual known for her acting, singing, TV personality, lyricist, modeling, entrepreneurship, rapping, and social media presence. She is also the owner of the cosmetics brand ‘Klub Kosmetics.’*
**2. How old was Frankie Lons when she passed away?**
*Frankie Lons passed away on her 61st birthday.*
**3. Did Elite Noel have a close relationship with her mother?**
*Yes, Elite Noel was very close to her mother, Frankie Lons. She frequently shares memories and heartfelt messages about her mother on her Instagram.*
**4. Who raised Elite Noel?**
*Elite Noel was raised by Ellis Randolph, who also adopted her.*
**5. Did Elite Noel have a close bond with her father, Ellis Randolph?**
*Yes, Elite Noel and Ellis Randolph had a special bond, despite him not being her biological father. She expressed her gratitude and love for him on her social media account.*

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