Slain mom Rachel Morin was found naked with face brutally ‘smashed in’: report

Slain mom Rachel Morin was found naked with face brutally ‘smashed in’: report

Tragic Discovery on a Hiking Trail: Maryland Mom Brutally Murdered

A shocking and gruesome discovery was made on the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail in Bel Air, Maryland over the weekend. The lifeless body of a 37-year-old mother of five was found naked and beaten to the point where her right side of the face was completely destroyed. The stepfather of the friend who stumbled upon the tragic scene described the horrifying sight, stating that the victim had suffered brutal head trauma, as if her head had been smashed in with a rock.

A Grim Scene Unveiled

The stepfather, Michael Gabriszeski, detailed the harrowing moment when his stepdaughter, Cecilia, stumbled upon her friend’s lifeless body. The victim, whose name is Rachel Morin, was lying on her back, completely naked, with disfiguring injuries to her face. It appeared as though her attacker had tried to erase her identity, leaving the right side of her face obliterated. Additionally, there was a blood trail stretching 15 to 20 feet, indicating that she had been beaten and dragged to the spot where her body was found.

Shockwaves and Devastation

The injuries inflicted upon Rachel Morin were so horrific that her family has made the heart-wrenching decision not to have an open casket at her funeral. The horrifying nature of the crime has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving everyone desperate for answers and justice.

Desperate Search and Grueling Discovery

Before her remains were discovered, Rachel Morin had been reported missing by her boyfriend, Richard Tobin. The search efforts led her stepfather, step-sister, and a friend to the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail, where they noticed suspicious disturbances in the ground. As they inspected the area, Cecilia, the stepdaughter, was the first to come across the lifeless body of her friend, causing her to hyperventilate in shock and horror.

Apprehension and Investigation

The local authorities have not yet confirmed the official cause of Rachel Morin’s death. However, they have stated that it was clearly not an accidental death but rather a result of foul play. The investigation is ongoing, and the Harford County Sheriff’s Office has received nearly 90 tips regarding the slaying. As of now, no suspects have been publicly identified.

A Family’s Grief and Hope for Justice

This tragic event occurred just over a week after the family had already experienced deep sorrow with the sudden death of Rachel Morin’s four-month-old niece due to SIDS. Despite prior incidents and a troubled past that Richard Tobin, Rachel’s boyfriend, has been involved in, he denies any involvement in her death in a recent Facebook post. The grieving family and friends hold onto hope that the perpetrator will be brought to justice, allowing them to find closure and peace.


1. What is the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail?

The Ma & Pa Heritage Trail is a popular hiking trail located in Bel Air, Maryland. It offers scenic views and recreational activities for visitors.

2. Has the killer been caught?

As of now, no suspects have been publicly identified, and the investigation is still ongoing.

3. How did the family react to the tragic discovery?

The family was devastated by the gruesome discovery and has been seeking justice for Rachel Morin’s murder.

4. What were the injuries sustained by Rachel Morin?

Rachel Morin suffered severe head trauma, with the right side of her face completely destroyed.

5. Is there any motive known for the murder?

As of now, the authorities have not released any information regarding the motive behind Rachel Morin’s murder.

In Conclusion

The brutal murder of Rachel Morin on the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail in Bel Air, Maryland has left a community in shock and mourning. The violent nature of her death and the disfiguring injuries she suffered have horrified everyone involved. As the investigation continues, the family and friends of Rachel Morin cling to hope that the perpetrator will be brought to justice, providing them with closure and allowing them to begin the healing process.

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