Cedric The Entertainer’s Talented Son

Cedric The Entertainer’s Talented Son

Cedric The Entertainer: A Look into His Family Life

Cedric The Entertainer is a renowned American actor and comedian known for his incredible talent and long-standing career in the entertainment industry. However, he is not just a star on the stage and screen; he is also a devoted family man. Fans from around the world are curious to know more about the important figures in Cedric’s life, including his son C.roix Kyles and his wife. Let’s dive into the details and get to know Cedric The Entertainer’s family a little better.

Meet Cedric’s Son: C.roix Kyles

C.roix Kyles is the beloved son of Cedric The Entertainer and Lorna Wells. Born on September 30, 2000, C.roix is now 22 years old. He made his acting debut as a child artist in his father’s TV series, “The Soul Man.” Additionally, he lent his voice to TV series such as “Jingle All the Way” and “Jingle & Bell’s Christmas Star” in the early 2010s.

While C.roix Kyles has not appeared in any recent movies or series, he remains active on Instagram under the username @croix. On his Instagram, C.roix shares captivating photos of his travels to various countries like Japan, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. It is evident that he has a passion for street and wall art, as he frequently shares pictures of these intriguing art forms.

In April 2021, Cedric shared a rare photo with C.roix while they were fishing together by the ocean. In the caption of their photo on Instagram, Cedric expressed his enjoyment of their father-son time on the water. Although they didn’t catch any fish, they cherished each other’s company through meaningful conversations and shared laughter.

Cedric The Entertainer’s Wife: Lorna Wells

Cedric The Entertainer shares a beautiful and strong relationship with his wife, Lorna Wells. The couple tied the knot on September 3, 1999, after meeting each other while Cedric was hosting BET’s ComicView show in the early ’90s. Lorna worked behind the scenes as a costume staff on television shows like “City Guys” and “Muppets Tonight” from the mid-1990s to 2001.

Cedric and Lorna are blessed with two children: C.roix and Lucky Rose. The love and support they have for each other is evident in their long-lasting marriage and shared experiences.

Introducing Cedric’s Daughter: Lucky Rose Kyles

Lucky Rose Kyles, born in 2003, is one of Cedric The Entertainer’s beloved daughters. Following in her father’s footsteps, Lucky Rose possesses a natural gift for entertainment. She showcased her charisma and skills on her father’s TV show, “The Soul Man,” leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

In May 2021, Lucky Rose achieved a significant milestone by graduating from Sierra Canyon High School. This marked the end of her high school journey and opened doors to new opportunities and experiences. Currently, she is pursuing her education at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she continues to explore her passion and talents.

Lucky Rose’s journey is not solely focused on following in her father’s footsteps; she is determined to forge her own path. With her unique talents and aspirations, she has the potential to make her mark in the entertainment industry or any other field she chooses to pursue.

Cedric’s Other Daughter: Tiara Soria Kyles

Tiara Soria Kyles is another adorable daughter of Cedric The Entertainer and Lorna Wells. While information about Tiara is limited, it is evident that she is an integral part of Cedric’s loving family. Tiara’s life is kept private, allowing her to enjoy a sense of normalcy away from the public eye.

Both Lucky Rose and Tiara, as daughters of Cedric The Entertainer, have undoubtedly been influenced by their father’s talent and love for entertainment. However, they are also encouraged to embrace their own passions and carve out their own unique paths in life.

The Importance of Love, Support, and Togetherness

The family of Cedric The Entertainer, including his son C.roix Kyles, daughters Lucky Rose and Tiara Soria Kyles, and his wife Lorna Wells, is a testament to the importance of love, support, and togetherness. Cedric has not only built a successful career but has also created a fulfilling and balanced life surrounded by his loved ones.

His dedication to his family is evident in the moments they share, whether it’s fishing by the ocean or supporting each other in their individual endeavors. Cedric’s talent, humor, and commitment to his family continue to inspire others.


1. Who is Cedric The Entertainer?

Cedric The Entertainer is a popular American actor and comedian known for his versatile performances in the entertainment industry.

2. How many children does Cedric The Entertainer have?

Cedric The Entertainer has two children: a son named C.roix Kyles and two daughters, Lucky Rose Kyles and Tiara Soria Kyles.

3. What is Lucky Rose Kyles currently pursuing?

Lucky Rose Kyles is currently attending Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing her education and exploring her passions.

4. Does C.roix Kyles have an active presence on social media?

Yes, C.roix Kyles is active on Instagram under the username @croix, where he shares his travel adventures and interests.

5. What is the relationship between Cedric The Entertainer and his wife, Lorna Wells?

Cedric The Entertainer shares a strong and loving relationship with L

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