Town of Russellville Supports Popular Staff Restaurant Benefit Concert

Town of Russellville Supports Popular Staff Restaurant Benefit Concert

Community Comes Together to Raise Funds for Workers Impacted by Fire

Members of the Russellville community united on Friday to support a fundraising concert aimed at helping workers affected by a devastating fire that destroyed the beloved Old South restaurant. The fire not only resulted in the loss of an iconic city institution but also left over fifty employees without jobs. The concert’s objective was to raise $50,000 to assist those workers who also lost their homes in the tragic event.

A Citywide Effort

Will Wetzel, from the Arkansas Real Estate Collective, emphasized the collaborative efforts undertaken by various stakeholders in the community. Wetzel mentioned that city officials, local businesses, and volunteers were fully committed to supporting the cause. Several initiatives were put in place, such as selling donated T-shirts, organizing raffles and silent auctions, and collecting monetary contributions. Wetzel highlighted that multiple donation channels, including an online account, cash, and checks, were available to facilitate people’s contributions.

A Family Coming Together

Cindy Frye, a former waitress at the Old South restaurant, shared her experience and the challenges faced by the affected workers in the aftermath of the fire. Frye described the situation as hectic, with everyone doing their best to navigate through the difficulties. She emphasized the strong bond within the Old South family and their determination to support each other during this tough period. Having been a part of the restaurant for over six years, Frye expressed the deep sadness felt by the locals due to the closure of the historic establishment. She further conveyed the emotional toll the incident had on customers, recounting instances of clients shedding tears as they reflected on the cherished memories associated with the restaurant.

A Place of Community Pride

Zach Summitt, co-owner of Old South, spoke about the future of the restaurant and its significance within the Russellville community. Summitt acknowledged the overwhelming support received from the community, emphasizing the generosity and kindness that Russellville has always been known for. As plans were being considered for the way forward, Summitt assured the staff that they would be fully supported through any changes. Summitt also mentioned the availability of part-time job opportunities to help employees during the transition.

Continuing the Fundraising Efforts

In an effort to keep the momentum going, Will Wetzel announced that a car show would be held at the Pope County Fairgrounds as part of the ongoing fundraising campaign. The organizers are optimistic about a significant turnout for the event, which will further contribute to supporting the impacted workers and helping them rebuild their lives.


The Russellville community has demonstrated its resilience and compassion by rallying together to support the workers affected by the devastating fire at the Old South restaurant. Through various fundraising initiatives and the unwavering dedication of individuals, the community is united in its efforts to provide much-needed assistance to those who lost their jobs and homes in the tragedy. The outpouring of support reflects the strong sense of community pride and the determination to help fellow community members in times of need.

FAQ: How can I contribute to the fundraising efforts?

You can contribute to the fundraising efforts by purchasing donated T-shirts, participating in raffles and silent auctions, or making a monetary contribution. Various donation channels, such as an online account, cash, and checks, are available for your convenience.

FAQ: What is the goal of the fundraising campaign?

The goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise $50,000 to support the workers who lost their jobs and homes in the fire at the Old South restaurant.

FAQ: How long will the fundraising efforts continue?

The fundraising efforts will continue until the target amount of $50,000 is reached. Ongoing events, such as car shows and other community gatherings, will be organized to sustain the campaign.

FAQ: What other support is being provided to the affected workers?

In addition to the

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