[HOT] Pakistani Actor Shakeel Passed Away in Karachi

[HOT] Pakistani Actor Shakeel Passed Away in Karachi

The Legendary Pakistani Actor Shakeel

The entertainment industry mourns the loss of one of its greatest icons as Pakistani actor Shakeel passes away in Karachi at the age of 85. Shakeel, also known as Yousuf Kamal, was a veteran television actor and one of Pakistan’s most prominent celebrities. With a career spanning over half a century, Shakeel has left behind a legacy of exceptional performances and precious memories. Let’s take a moment to reflect on his illustrious career and the impact he made on the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Who is Shakeel?

Shakeel, born in 1938 in Bhopal, India, migrated to Pakistan with his family in 1952 and embarked on his film career. Throughout his journey, Shakeel became known for his exceptional acting skills, showcased in numerous iconic roles in television dramas. His notable appearances include “Uncle Urfi” (1972), “Ankahi” (1982), and “Aangan Terha” (1984). Shakeel’s dedication and talent propelled him to great heights in the Pakistani television industry, earning him several awards and accolades. In 2015, he was honored with the Sitara-i-Imtiaz, one of Pakistan’s highest honors, by the Governor of Sindh.

Shakeel’s Career and Accomplishments

Shakeel had a distinguished career that made a lasting impact on the Pakistani film industry. His exceptional acting abilities and versatility made him one of the most beloved television actors in the country’s history. Whether portraying comical and humorous characters or tackling serious and poignant roles, Shakeel captivated the audience with his remarkable performances. Throughout his career, he effortlessly brought to life a wide range of characters, becoming a symbol of confidence and professionalism in the acting industry.

Shakeel’s notable roles, such as Uncle Urfi in “Uncle Urfi” (1972) and his appearances in “Ankahi” (1982) and “Aangan Terha” (1984), solidified his prominent position in the Pakistani entertainment industry. His natural and genuine portrayals allowed the audience to connect with the emotions and experiences of everyday life. Shakeel’s impact and contributions to the industry are immeasurable, as he became a cultural icon who produced diverse and original works.

The Loss of a Valued Icon

The departure of Shakeel has left a significant void in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Known for his memorable roles in popular dramas, Shakeel contributed immensely to the development and glory of the television industry. His ability to seamlessly switch between roles and genres endeared him to the audience, winning their love and admiration. Shakeel’s departure not only leaves a void in the hearts of his colleagues and admirers but also in the acting community as a whole.

Despite the sadness of his passing, Shakeel’s achievements and impact on the Pakistani entertainment industry will always be remembered. His artistic journey will continue to be cherished, serving as an inspiration for young actors and a source of pride for the nation. Shakeel brought laughter and tears to the audience, leaving behind unforgettable memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Condolences from Colleagues and Admirers

The news of Shakeel’s passing has brought grief to his colleagues and admirers. Fellow television actors and celebrities have expressed their heartfelt condolences and paid tribute to his contributions. Faysal Qureshi, another talented actor, referred to Shakeel as “the pride of our nation” and “the man who entertained us the longest.” Aware of Shakeel’s influential presence in the industry, he emphasized the void left by his departure.

Senior journalist Raza Rumi also praised Shakeel’s incredible body of work and unprecedented achievements. Raza Rumi highlighted Shakeel’s ability to entertain and connect with audiences, recognizing his impact and professionalism. Fans also took to social media to express their regret and love for Shakeel, sharing their cherished memories and praising his outstanding performances.


Shakeel’s passing is a loss not only to the Pakistani entertainment industry but also to the hearts of those who cherished and admired his talent. He will forever be remembered as a gifted actor and a revered icon who left an indelible mark on the industry. Shakeel’s influence and legacy extend far beyond his performances, serving as an inspiration for future generations of actors and as a cultural icon of national pride. While his absence leaves a void, his artistic journey will be celebrated and honored for years to come.


Q: What were Shakeel’s most famous television dramas?

A: Shakeel starred in notable television dramas such as “Uncle Urfi” (1972), “Ankahi” (1982), and “Aangan Terha” (1984).

Q: What awards did Shakeel receive during his career?

A: In 2015, Shakeel was awarded the Sitara-i-Imtiaz by the Governor of Sindh.

Q: How did Shakeel impact the Pakistani entertainment industry?

A: Shakeel’s exceptional acting skills and versatile performances made him an icon and a source of inspiration for many young actors. He left behind a legacy of diverse and memorable works.

Q: What did Shakeel’s colleagues and admirers say about his passing?

A: Fellow actors and celebrities expressed their condolences and praised Shakeel’s contributions to the industry. Faysal Qureshi referred to him as “the pride of our nation,” while Raza Rumi highlighted his achievements and impact.

Q: How will Shakeel be remembered?

A: Shakeel will be remembered as a gifted actor and an entertainment icon who brought laughter and tears to the audience. His legacy will continue to inspire and be cherished by future generations.

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