Henry Cavill Rolling Stone Cover 2023: Fake Cover Goes Viral

Henry Cavill Rolling Stone Cover 2023: Fake Cover Goes Viral

The Buzz Around Henry Cavill’s Fake Rolling Stone Cover

The internet recently went into a frenzy over what appeared to be Henry Cavill’s Rolling Stone cover photo for 2023. However, it turned out to be a fake issue of the magazine, getting mixed reactions from fans. TV personality Lorraine Kelly took to Twitter to share her surprise and excitement at the photoshopped cover featuring Henry Cavill. She tweeted “crikey” in a post that she shared with Henry’s photoshopped cover displaying his muscular shape and bulge.

With his muscular form and bulging muscles on display, the doctored image showed off Henry’s washboard abs and incredibly toned torso. Fans couldn’t help but go wild after the fake cover went viral, with some even jokingly speculating that Henry’s impressive physique could land him the coveted role of James Bond.

Fans React to the Fake Cover

The doctored cover, which isn’t a legitimate Rolling Stone issue, features Henry’s washboard abs and incredibly toned torso as he poses for the sexy shoot. Fans went wild after the fake cover went viral, with some jokingly suggesting Henry could get the role of James Bond after flaunting his toned torso. It should be noted that the cover is not a legitimate Rolling Stone issue, and the image circulated online after someone doctored it.

David Corenswet’s Casting as the New Superman

DC Comics fans recently voiced their opinion on David Corenswet’s casting as the new Superman, calling him a “copycat” of Henry Cavill. In the rebooted film series, the actor, who has never had a major role in a major studio production before, will play Clark Kent alongside Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane. Adams will be replaced by the actor. Fans asked why the producers decided to replace Henry with a younger copy after the casting reveal.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the striking similarities between the two actors, who have chiseled jaws, a large head of dark hair, and piercing eyes. Some fans think David is a great choice to play a younger Superman, while others think he should add something new to the role as many people think he’s just a copy of the character.

It is essential to note that David has proactively made a name for himself in the industry, having featured in different movies and TV series like Hollywood, The Legislator, and Pearl.

The Divisive Reaction to David Corenswet’s Casting

In conclusion, Rolling Stone’s fake cover starring Henry Cavill has garnered massive attention, capturing the imagination of fans everywhere. Nevertheless, it is essential to keep in mind that this was not a published issue of a magazine. Meanwhile, fan reactions to the casting of David Corenswet as the new Superman range from excitement to skepticism. Both actors will continue to leave lasting impressions on audiences around the world as the Superman franchise continues to grow.


Q: Is the Henry Cavill Rolling Stone cover real?

A: No, the Henry Cavill Rolling Stone cover is fake.

Q: Who created the fake Rolling Stone cover?

A: The origin of the fake Rolling Stone cover is unclear, as it circulated online after being doctored by an unknown individual.

Q: Will Henry Cavill still play Superman in future films?

A: There is no official confirmation about Henry Cavill’s future as Superman in upcoming films, as casting decisions are subject to change in the ever-evolving world of Hollywood.

Q: Why was David Corenswet chosen to play Superman?

A: David Corenswet was chosen to play Superman in the rebooted film series due to his resemblance to Henry Cavill and his potential to bring a fresh perspective to the iconic character.

Q: What other projects has David Corenswet been a part of?

A: David Corenswet has been a part of various projects, including movies like Hollywood and TV series like The Legislator and Pearl.

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