Heart Attack Scare to Health Transformation

Heart Attack Scare to Health Transformation

Michael Weatherly: A Journey to Health and Wellness

Michael Weatherly, the well-known Hollywood actor, producer, director, and musician, has gained fame for his portrayal of Anthony DiNozzo on the hit television series NCIS. However, fans have become intrigued by his health journey, particularly his weight fluctuations on the show. In this article, we delve into Michael Weatherly’s transformative journey, from concerns about a heart attack to his weight loss and sleep apnea diagnosis.

Michael Weatherly’s Heart Attack: Separating Fiction from Reality

At the end of season two of the courtroom drama Bull, Michael Weatherly’s character, Dr. Jason Bull, suffers a heart attack. This plot twist led to speculation among fans about Weatherly’s own health. However, it is important to note that the heart attack was solely a part of the storyline and does not reflect Weatherly’s real-life experience.

The Struggle with Weight Gain

Michael Weatherly tied the knot with internist Bojana Jankovic in September 2009 and soon became a father of two children: Olivia and Liam. Living with a pregnant woman for an extended period of time took a toll on Weatherly’s eating habits. Additionally, his demanding role as Tony DiNozzo on NCIS meant longer working hours and frequently eating on the go.

Weatherly himself acknowledges the impact of these unhealthy choices. He candidly admits that pizza and Chinese food often became their go-to meals in such cases. However, he was determined to make a change and sought support from active friends who encouraged him to exercise regularly. Between Seasons 11 and 12, Weatherly successfully shed a remarkable 35 pounds.

Revealing the Battle with Sleep Apnea

A few years ago, Michael Weatherly received a diagnosis of sleep apnea. His rapid weight gain, coupled with poor dietary decisions and long hours on set, resulted in heavy snoring that severely disrupted his wife’s sleep. Consequently, they had to resort to sleeping in separate rooms or adjusting their sleeping arrangements altogether.

Weatherly opened up in 2018, revealing that he sometimes slept on the couch or in different rooms due to the severity of the situation. This revelation led to the discovery of his sleep apnea, a serious condition characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep. It prompted Weatherly to embark on a weight loss journey.

The medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic recommended that Weatherly wear a CPAP mask. He also adopted a more active lifestyle while paying close attention to his diet, avoiding processed foods and simple carbohydrates. This commitment resulted in a total weight loss of 35 pounds.

In an interview with People Magazine, Weatherly shared that he no longer indulges in packaged foods like french fries or other enjoyable treats. He has also eliminated pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes from his diet, among other things.


Michael Weatherly’s health journey has been marked by challenges and triumphs. Through determination and hard work, he overcame the fear of a heart attack, battled weight gain, and confronted sleep apnea. His commitment to a healthier lifestyle serves as an inspiration to others, highlighting the transformative power of resilience and dedication.


Q: Did Michael Weatherly really have a heart attack?

No, the heart attack was only part of the storyline on the television show Bull. It did not reflect Weatherly’s actual health.

Q: How much weight did Michael Weatherly lose?

Michael Weatherly successfully lost 35 pounds between Seasons 11 and 12 of NCIS.

Q: What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious condition where breathing is interrupted during sleep. It can lead to various health complications if left untreated.

Q: How did Michael Weatherly manage his sleep apnea?

Michael Weatherly managed his sleep apnea by wearing a CPAP mask and adopting a more active lifestyle while paying attention to his diet.

Q: What foods did Michael Weatherly cut out of his diet?

Michael Weatherly eliminated processed foods, simple carbohydrates, and foods like pasta, rice, bread, and potatoes from his diet.

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