Crazy Disgusting memes that will make you sick

Crazy Disgusting memes that will make you sick

Disgusting Memes: Exploring the World of Internet Disgust

When we come across something sick or dirty, it’s natural to feel a sense of disgust. Whether it’s witnessing someone not washing their hands after using the bathroom or stumbling upon weird food combinations, the feeling is undeniable. In fact, there are even famous disgusting memes that capture this very sentiment.

The Infamous “Disgusting” Video

One such meme originated from a video titled “disgusting” that was revealed back in 2013. The video featured two girls using their webcams for less-than-appropriate purposes. As if that wasn’t enough, their mother made an appearance later in the video, questioning them about the non-flushed toilet. It didn’t take long for netizens to turn this video into a meme, cleverly renaming it as the “disgustang” meme in 2016.

These memes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the weird and gross things that people do to get a reaction from the internet. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find a plethora of content that aims to shock and disgust. Today, we’re going to dive into this world and explore some of the most notorious and stomach-churning memes that the internet has to offer.

Prepare to Feel Disgusted

Are you ready to be grossed out? Brace yourself as we take a look at some of the most disgusting memes out there. From unusual food combinations to unsanitary habits, these memes are guaranteed to make you cringe.

Disgusting Food Combinations

Cheetos as Cereal and Oranges with Noodles

Imagine sitting down with a bowl of Cheetos, only to realize that they are being eaten like cereal, with milk poured over them. Or how about adding oranges to your plate of noodles? These bizarre food combinations not only defy culinary logic but also provoke a strong sense of revulsion. It’s safe to say that a lot of people would be mad if you tried to pass off these combinations as edible.

The Pickle with Giggles

Next up, we have a meme featuring a pickle. But beware, because hidden within that innocent-looking pickle lies a secret: the giggles. Is this something you’d be willing to try? Or does the idea of biting into a pickle full of laughter sound too disgusting to even consider?

Unsanitary Habits and Hygiene Mishaps

Forgetting to Cover Your Mouth When Sneezing

Let’s address a common hygiene faux pas – failing to cover your mouth when sneezing. We’ve all encountered individuals who sneeze without using their hands or a tissue to shield others from their germs. It’s a good habit to always cover your mouth when you sneeze, but unfortunately, not everyone practices this basic courtesy. You wouldn’t be surprised if you witnessed someone committing this act of germ-spreading, would you?

The “Disgusting” Video: A Language Learning Opportunity

Now, let’s circle back to the video that started it all – the “disgusting” video. If the word “disgusting” gives you trouble, fear not, because the internet has a clever hack to help you out. It’s a simple yet smart way to learn and pronounce this word correctly. Discover this language learning opportunity while also exploring over 20 eye-roll-worthy memes for your amusement.

Gordon Ramsay’s Disgusted Judgments

Impressions vs. Reality in the Kitchen

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show starring the infamous Chef Gordon Ramsay, then you know how brutally honest he can be. As contestants on the show strive to impress him with their culinary skills, viewers often find themselves initially impressed by the presentation. But the moment Ramsay delivers his judgment, everything changes. It becomes evident that our own culinary knowledge may not be as extensive as we thought. To fully grasp this concept, check out some Gordon Ramsay memes that perfectly capture his disgusted reactions.

Notorious Internet Disgust

The No-Flush Toilet Situation

The “disgusting” video went viral not only because of its content but also because it shed light on a widespread issue – the failure to flush toilets. The sight of a non-flushed toilet strikes a nerve with many people and has sparked countless discussions and debates online. Perhaps you’ve experienced a similar situation or have been lucky enough to avoid it altogether. Regardless, there’s no denying that this particular problem has become disgustingly funny.

The Dirty Truth of Disgusting Memes

Questionable Hygiene Practices

One of the most disgusting things that people engage in for fun is intentionally not washing their hands. While it may seem like a harmless prank to some, the reality is that it’s unhygienic and can spread harmful bacteria. So, in the spirit of cleanliness, always remember to wash your hands and keep them germ-free. After all, no one wants to be labeled a filthy pig.

The Power of Disgusting Memes

These memes thrive on the shock factor. They tap into our innate revulsion towards certain things and use humor to amplify that feeling. They remind us that the internet is full of surprises, both delightful and utterly repulsive.


Disgusting memes have become a captivating part of internet culture, provoking both amusement and repulsion. From weird food combinations to unsanitary habits, these memes push the boundaries of what we consider acceptable. They challenge our notions of normalcy and remind us that the internet is a place where anything can find an audience. So, whether you find them hilarious or downright nauseating, there’s no denying their impact on our online experiences.


Q: Are disgusting memes only meant to shock people?

A: While the primary aim of disgusting memes is to provoke a reaction, whether that be

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