Are Joel Osteen Divorce Rumours True? A Look At His Relationship!

Are Joel Osteen Divorce Rumours True? A Look At His Relationship!

Joel and Victoria Osteen: Debunking the Rumors

Joel Osteen and his wife, Victoria, have been a power couple in the religious world for several decades. They have gained immense popularity as ministers and pastors at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. With their fame and success, rumors and speculations about their personal lives have often made headlines. One of the most persistent rumors is the claim that Joel and Victoria Osteen divorced. However, this rumor is far from the truth.

Joel and Victoria: A Love Story

Joel and Victoria have been married since April 4, 1987, and their marriage is still going strong. They have built a solid foundation of love and support throughout their nearly 35 years of matrimony. Victoria has been a pillar of strength for Joel as his ministry and stardom soared to new heights. She has not only been his partner in life but also his co-pastor at Lakewood Church. Together, they have faced the challenges and blessings that come with their calling.

False Rumors and Baseless Claims

Despite the undeniable truth of their enduring marriage, false rumors about Joel and Victoria have persisted. One such rumor claimed that Victoria was planning to leave Lakewood Church to start her own cosmetics business. This rumor was nothing more than an attempt to tarnish their reputation. Unfortunately, even with no basis in reality, some fans and followers took to Twitter to express their concerns. However, these claims hold no weight and should not be taken seriously.

Debunking the Divorce Rumor

The divorce rumor that has been circulating is entirely false. There is no evidence to support such claims, and neither Joel nor Victoria has filed for divorce in the Harris County District Court. The couple remains committed to their marriage, their family, and their ministry. It is essential to be skeptical of clickbait titles and false information that spreads on social media. Instead, it is crucial to rely on reliable sources and factual evidence.

Why Do Such Rumors Emerge?

The constant scrutiny that Joel and Victoria Osteen face is a likely catalyst for these rumors. As influential figures with large followings, they are often in the public spotlight. This exposure makes them susceptible to gossip and speculation about their personal lives. One event that may have fueled the divorce rumors is Joel Osteen’s 2014 blog post titled “Let Go of the Ashes,” where he encouraged his readers to let go of past hurts and embrace a brighter future. Unfortunately, some misinterpreted this as a sign of marital problems or an impending divorce.

The Strength of Their Partnership

Joel and Victoria Osteen’s partnership is built on love, faith, and dedication. They have always been transparent about their love for one another and their commitment to their marriage. They have two children, Jonathan and Alexandra, who are cherished members of their loving family. Jonathan, their oldest child, was born on April 20, 1995, and is now 28 years old. The Osteen family has overcome challenges together and continue to inspire millions with their unwavering faith and hopeful messages.


Joel and Victoria Osteen’s marriage has stood the test of time, defying the rumors and speculations that have surrounded them. Their love and dedication to one another have been unwavering, serving as an inspiration to their followers and admirers. As successful pastors at Lakewood Church, they have touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide. Joel and Victoria Osteen are living proof that a strong partnership, combined with faith and hope, can withstand any challenge.


1. Are Joel and Victoria Osteen divorcing?

No, Joel and Victoria Osteen are not divorcing. They have been married since 1987 and remain committed to their marriage.

2. Did Victoria leave Lakewood Church to start a cosmetics business?

No, this is just a baseless rumor. Victoria is dedicated to her role as co-pastor at Lakewood Church alongside Joel.

3. What sparked the divorce rumors?

There is no concrete evidence to support the divorce rumors. Speculation may have arisen due to the couple’s fame and the scrutiny they face in the public eye.

4. How long have Joel and Victoria been married?

Joel and Victoria Osteen have been married for nearly 35 years, since 1987.

5. How many children do Joel and Victoria have?

Joel and Victoria Osteen have two children, Jonathan and Alexandra, who are integral members of their loving family.

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